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Mennel Invests in Grain Storage

September 13, 2017

Nevada Grain is Growing

Thanks to a new 80 foot in diameter grain bin in Nevada, Ohio!

Mennel recently announced the completion of an 80 foot in diameter grain bin capable of holding about 428,000 bushels at Nevada Grain in Nevada, Ohio. With the addition of this bin, the facility nearly doubled Nevada Grain's carrying capacity.

We receive far more grain than we can hold during harvest at Nevada Grain. The bin will allow our team to stay open longer and ultimately better serve our customers.

Construction on the project began in early May and was completed just in time for this year's soybean harvest. Overall the new bin in Nevada, Ohio took eight months to complete and was a $1,850,000 investment. Jackson Industrial Construction specializing in grain bins and grain and bulk products handling systems was the bin's contractor.

Did you know?

  • 428,000 bushels is equivalent to approximately 475 semi truck loads of grain. 
  • The bin will not only store soy beans, but wheat and corn too.
  • Nevada Grain, not to be confused with the state, is located in Northwest Ohio in a small village in Wyandot County.
  • Nevada Grain is 1 of 10 country grain elevators that Mennel operates in Ohio, Indiana and Virginia.

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