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Bagel Recipe and Employee Spotlight Add to Bake for Family Fun Month Celebration

February 28, 2020

February is National Bake for Family Fun Month. The Mennel Milling Company is celebrating this important milestone by sharing delicious recipes from our family of employees. Together, we hope to encourage others to appreciate and truly enjoy a deep love of baking with family and friends. 

Whether you have fond memories of spending quality time in the kitchen with loved ones, or you're creating new traditions in the kitchen with your own children like Mennel's Gage Gorman. There's something about the smell of baked goods cooking in the oven and the experience of it all.  

Gage's Story

Gage Gorman loves his job as a Senior Human Resources Generalist at Mennel Bakery Mix and Foodservice - Martel, but explains there's nothing better than quality time with his wife and three young children after work, especially their time together in the kitchen.

"I have recently started baking a lot. I can make dinner rolls, loaf bread, braded loaf, and bagels. I also enjoy making cinnamon rolls, molasses bread and rolls too. Although the kids aren't really participating yet, I like to always give them some dough for the sake of the story."

Reflecting on his recent baking experiences and bagel recipe itself, Gage adds "Making food from scratch, including baking, is very important to me to teach my kids. I’m excited for them to become more hands on as they grow! I hope people will try these. They’re not as hard as they look to make, and you have fresh bagels. Make sure to eat these within a few days or freeze them for later. There are no preservatives, so they won’t be good on Day 4 or 5.”

Want to know more about the History of Bake for Family Fun Month? Bake for Family Month was established to help promote the retention of an ancient family ritual that goes back into the earliest days of human existence. Baking is a great experience for friends and family alike, promoting everything from some basic understandings of chemistry, to knowing how to properly measure out each of the ingredients to get the desired results. Tactile knowledge is gained as you begin to be able to know when you’ve kneaded the bread enough by how it feels under your hands, and then, most importantly, there’s the shared love of family and food that comes across as you build family traditions.

Gage's Homemade Bagel Recipe - Get it now!