Our Process

Committed to Quality

What brings our customers back time and time again? Quality. It’s not just the quality of our ingredients, although Mennel’s are top notch. It’s the quality of our entire process – sourcing the best wheat and ingredients, milling, the final product, and the people who ensure the process runs smoothly and according to customer specifications each and every time.

While we take pride in the reputation we've built in the flour industry, we don’t stop there. We continue to look at ways to improve our products and processes while delivering the highest quality flour to the industry.

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Mennel Milling

An Exacting Process

For some, the variability in the quality of wheat from crop year to crop year may pose a challenge. Not at Mennel. Variation is something we plan for and work through to ensure a consistent match. We've made it our mission to maintain customer specifications over time. That's our exacting process, and we believe it's just one way that sets us a part from others in the flour business.

We also operate some of the best maintained and sanitary flour mills in the industry. Through the addition of automation and the implementation and oversight of appropriate controls, we've been able to create a flawless process and focus on operational excellence in our facilities. 

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Uniform Quality and Exceptional Service

More than a Motto

It's not just a framed picture hanging on the wall. Providing the highest quality products and best customer service is our top priority.

We take great pride in what we do. From our grain elevators and flour mill operations to our truck drivers and office staff, each member of our team knows they make a difference.  


Research & Development

Attention to Detail

Thanks to our long-standing commitment to research and development, Mennel has a proven reputation for providing outstanding products. Through R&D, we add value to our products and services in many ways. Our team of research scientists identify new applications for our flour and co-products, and as a result develop new or specialty post-milling processes and products. They also provide technical support to our mills to ensure the best for our customers. The list goes on and on as we continually work to innovate and provide the highest quality products.

Did we mention our state-of-the-art pilot mill and baking lab? It's worth mentioning again as this one-of-a-kind system supports our team members who test, fine tune and test again. Testing products in a pilot mill is unique to Mennel. Partner with us and see for your self.



Endless Opportunities

It's not about the number of flour varieties we make. However, if we were counting, we could say we have more than 300 recipes. This number is important when we are doing our best to ensure our customers have the exact product they need -- not something close enough.

Just like the recipe, our ingredients are unique. We only source the best and our measurements are precise. The custom product comes after a sometimes long journey with our customers to find the perfect blend.



The Hardest Part of the Job

It's not just about having your cake, but eating it too. Our commitment to research and development goes beyond creating a recipe that meets your needs. It's about testing the recipe and then testing it again. Being a test baker is a pretty good job, but one that we take very seriously. We need to know that it's right.


Expanding Our Reach

Knowing Our Strengths

Our approach is simple. We want to grow together.

Although we've been known for flour milling for many years, we made the leap into finished products with the addition of bakery mix. It's not only the right thing to do, but helps to meet the expanding and ever-changing needs of our long-time partners. We also believe it may be a benefit to our future customers as well.

What can you expect from us? How about security, peace of mind and confidence. Mennel is not just in it for the short term. We are truly interested in providing a high-quality product that meets your needs now and forever.

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