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September is Food Safety Education Month: Meet Our New Director of Food Safety

September 17, 2020

In light of National Food Safety Education Month, Mennel is proud to recognize the continued efforts of our food safety, quality and regulatory team to foster a world-class food safety program and quality culture at all our food production facilities.  

In May, Mistelle Signor accepted the top food safety role at Mennel’s Corporate Office in Fostoria, Ohio. Prior to her promotion as Director of Food Safety, Quality and Regulatory, Mistelle served as Quality Manager at Mennel Bakery Mix and Foodservice – Martel in Caledonia, Ohio. During her time in the bakery mix division, she worked closely with the production leadership team to implement key food safety and quality initiatives.  

In her new role, Mistelle provides organizational leadership of the company’s food safety, quality and regulatory program and serves as an active member of Mennel’s Innovation team. She is responsible for developing and executing strategies, policies, and procedures to protect the safety, quality and integrity of our products as well as that of our customers and consumers alike. 

“Mistelle is filling one of the most important roles at Mennel as the Director of Food Safety, Quality & Regulatory where she is ultimately responsible for ensuring our products continue to be of the highest quality and serve the needs of our customers and consumers,” said Dr. Scott Osborne, Vice President of Innovation. “Mistelle comes into this role perfectly suited to drive this program given her experience in flour and bakery mix. We look forward to the impact she will have on our program and those we serve.” 

After more than 18 years in the food business industry, Mistelle recognizes the importance of maintaining a collaborative working environment between site managers, quality managers and frontline staff to ensure compliance and build successful Corrective and Preventative Action (CAPA) plans and system as well.  

“Since we already have a strong and reputable food safety and quality program at Mennel, I had the opportunity to spend the first few months in my new role being more hands on with the team,” said Mistelle Signor, Director of Food Safety, Quality and Regulatory, The Mennel Milling Company. “I’ve learned a lot by visiting our different locations and interacting directly with other leaders and industry professionals. It truly is a family atmosphere and I am excited to see what the future holds for Mennel as well as the impact our program will have on an ever-changing food safety industry.”

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