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Grain Goals: The Right Kind of Fiber

March 12, 2018

Like vitamins, fiber provides many health benefits such as helping to keep your blood pressure in check, binding with cholesterol to speed in removal and aiding in regular bowel movements.

What is fiber? Fiber is defined as the fibrous material or roughage in foods that can’t be broken down in the stomach or intestines, so it passes through the body.

According to, there are basically two types of fiber.

  • Insoluble fiber is the found in cereals and other grains and acts like a broom to sweep clean the gastro-intestinal tract.
  • Soluble fiber is found in fruits and vegetables and helps regulate blood sugar and cholesterol.

Most foods have a bit of both and we need both, but if you want to tackle the fiber shortage, choose grains.

How much fiber should one have in their diet? For women over age 50, 25 grams of fiber a day is recommended. A slightly higher amount - 38 grams - is suggested for men over the age of 50. The average intake in the U.S. is 17 grams with only 5% meeting adequate intake for fiber.

Want to add more fiber into your diet? Check out this list of high fiber foods, visit

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