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Mennel Milling Quality Laboratories Recognized

May 13, 2022

By: Matt Goodrich, Quality Assurance Specialist, Mennel Corporate Office - Fostoria, Ohio

Mennel’s Quality Assurance (QA) laboratories have been recognized once again as being some of the best in the industry by the 2021 Cereal and Grains (C&G) Cincinnati Section Check Sample Program. Every year dozens of labs across the country participate in a laboratory testing proficiency competition, which includes such tests as Moisture, Protein, Ash, pH, and Falling Number. In addition to ranking performance in these individual testing categories, overall winners are also determined. Rankings are based on testing performance over the course of the year.

Following a strong showing in the 2020 rankings, 2021 yielded another great performance by the Mennel QA labs with Mennel Milling Logan ranking No. 1 overall among all participating labs and Mennel Milling Mt. Olive taking the No. 3 place spot.

There were several Top 10 finishes by Mennel participants in the individual testing categories with Logan taking first place in Moisture and Mt. Olive taking second place. Mt. Olive took fifth place for Ash, while Logan took fifth place in Falling Number and sixth place in pH. Mennel Milling Fostoria also placed seventh in Falling Number and Mt. Olive placed eighth.

In addition to these achievements, Mennel Milling Bucyrus, Fostoria, Logan, Mennel Bakery Mix and Foodservice - Martel, Mt. Olive, Roanoke, and Renwood Mills all received several Certificates of Proficiency for Outstanding Performance in each of the individual testing categories.

Congratulations to the Mennel QA labs on their dedication and commitment to performing at a high level of quality and uniformity, one of the many reasons Mennel continues to be an industry leader and the standard to beat!