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Mennel Promotes Charitable Giving through Leave a Legacy Campaign

January 13, 2023

The Mennel Milling Company prides itself on being a charitable member of the communities we serve. This year, Mennel offered a new program called Leave a Legacy in light of the National Giving Tuesday movement. In the program's inaugural year, more than 50 employees helped direct a portion of Mennel's charitable giving donations to an approved charitable organization of their choice.

Mennel's "Our Legacy. Our Future" tagline, spans beyond our plants, elevators, trucks, and more. Together, our team is truly making a lasting impact on the communities in which we live, work, and play.

Check out these examples from our team ...

"The reason I chose the New Washington Memorial Park was because my dad and both brothers served our country. I believe that all who serve(d) in the military deserve and should be honored. This memorial park would be a great addition to the community that I grew up in. It will pay tribute to all the heroes that fought for our freedoms."

Todd Kennedy, Bucyrus Flour Mill

"My dad was a sheriff deputy in Wyandot county for 20+ years. He served as the vice president of Hannah's House board. It is one of the most proud things he has been involved in. Hannah’s House gives kids a safe place to have parent involvement and it’s 100% about the kids. I think it’s a wonderful thing in a little community and you really know where your money is going when you donate to such a special cause. It will always have a place in my heart."

Kaylee Hoy, C&O Grain

"My grandson was at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital (CCH) for 4 months in very serious condition when he was four years old with a rare form of Meningitis from a brain tumor resection. Then at the age of six, he had to have a second brain tumor resection at CCH. During his stay there, he was gifted various outings and donations from the Dragonfly Foundation. The Foundation assists families during this difficult time by making them feel like a kid again and just a bit more normal. I am forever grateful for the hope and happiness the Dragonfly Foundation brought to my grandson!”

Cindy Bailey, Class 8 Truck Repair