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Sustainability at Mennel

March 3, 2022

At Mennel, we operate our facilities in a manner that promotes the conservation of natural resources and fosters a safe, clean and positive work environment. It is our belief that good business practices advanced by continuous improvement efforts and investment in our facilities, people, customers, products, and services have led to the sustainability of our fifth-generation, family-owned company.

Over the last few years, Mennel has placed significant focus on our sustainability program, as it relates to global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We've established a cross-functional team to focus on environmental, economical, and social sustainability initiatives across the organization, and compiled a comprehensive list of past, current and future goals and activities. As a result, we are excited to promote our team's efforts and introduce our key sustainability projects in a formal report.

It is a proud moment for Mennel to publish its seminal Sustainability Report, showcasing the great work of the people at Mennel," said Dr. Scott Osborne, Vice President of Innovation, The Mennel Milling Company. " We recognize the importance of being good stewards of our great resources - the land, air, and water - which are fundamental to producing a healthy, abundant bushel of wheat.

We hope this report will serve as a window into what we see as important elements in creating a better, more sustainable future for all. Take a look at our Sustainability Report today!