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Mennel Joins Great Lakes Yield Enhancement Network

February 25, 2022

Mennel is proud to participate in the Great Lakes Yield Enhancement Network (YEN). YEN is a ground-breaking cross-border collaboration that connects farms with agronomists, academics, extension specialists, agriculture organizations, and more. The goal is to support farmers who are striving to improve crop returns by unlocking the potential of the field by closing the gap between potential yield and actual yield.

“We are excited to partner with YEN as they increase their reach into Ohio," said Dr. Scott Osborne, Vice President of Innovation, The Mennel Milling Company. "This grassroots program will provide insights and education to local producers so that they can create the most efficient yielding crop. Invariably these enhancements deliver a more sustainable solution through focused regenerative agronomy practices, which is a goal of ours as well."

Farmers participating in the Great Lakes YEN will collect soil, tissue, and grain samples throughout the duration of the project. In addition, there will be opportunities to share datasets and improve knowledge of wheat through analysis and benchmarking activities.

“We are excited to take our organization’s research and results to Ohio through a collaboration with Mennel Milling,” said Jody Pollok-Newsom, Executive Director, Michigan Wheat Program. “Together we can take the program to the next level while meeting our primary goal to help local producers improve actual yield and quality.”

The Great Lakes YEN is currently focused on Winter Wheat and globally covers the geographic area of the Province of Ontario, Canada, and the Great Lakes region of the USA.

"We encourage producers in the areas YEN operates to learn more about the program,” said Dr. Osborne.

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The Great Lakes Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) is part of the global group of YENs, introduced by ADAS, an agricultural and environmental consultancy and provider of rural development and policy advice in the United Kingdom.

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