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Mennel Offers Pregelatinized Wheat Flour

April 15, 2019

Mennel’s Xpress Pregelatinized Wheat Flour is specially processed to provide consistent viscosity and is ideal for applications that require instant thickening and binding. This unique product is a great option to help control size, height and achieve more yields.   

Aside from being a potential replacement to pregelatinized starch, this clean label wheat flour variety boasts other advantages bakers will appreciate.    

  • Provides cold water viscosity and thickening
  • Potentially replaces gums and starches (and may provide a cost savings too)
  • Suspends ingredients and inclusions
  • Increased batter yield
  • Ideal for clean label applications   

It can also be used in applications, such as pancakes, muffins and cakes, to control cookie spread without the use of chlorine.

Available in bags and super sacks. Click here to learn more or contact a member of our sales team at 800-688-8151 Ext. 95273 or