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Xpress™ Flour

Control size, height and achieve more yields with Mennel's Xpress pregelatinized wheat flour.

It's specially processed to provide consistent viscosity and is ideal for applications that require instant thickening and binding.

As a result of our unique process, you can expect these important applications and specifications from Mennel's Xpress Flour.

  • Provides cold water viscosity and thickening
  • Improves symmetry and volume
  • Suspends ingredients and inclusions
  • Makes products more moist and tender
  • Lowers cost of formulation
  • Ideal for clean label applications
  • Acts as wheat starch substitute and baking stabilizer
  • Source for replacing whey in animal food
  • Extended shelf life of 12 months, if stored in cool conditions

It can also be used in applications, such as pancakes, muffins and cakes, to help control spread.

Available in a variety of bag sizes as well as 2,000+ lb. totes

To learn more about Mennel Flour, contact our sales team at 1-800-688-8151 Ext. 95273 or

Mennel Xpress

Pair of blueberry muffins

BRC Food Certificated Clean Label Kosher