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ThermoPure™ Flour

Mennel's ready-to-eat product line boasts a 5-log pathogen reduction control. Called ThermoPure™ due to its distinctive qualities, offers better viscosity, texture and adhesion like our other heat-treated products.

Our commitment to innovation has led to providing a validated pathogen reduction system as well as increased capacity and expanded access to ready-to-eat flour options. It's true, Mennel has a more than 30-year history of producing low micro count heat-treated flour products, and now it's available in soft wheat, hard and spring wheat and organic wheat varieties and reliably delivered to your door.

  • Maintain same great flavor, appearance and performance
  • Low micro count as well as better viscosity, texture and adhesion
  • Eliminates concern about eating raw flour products
  • Extended shelf life

To learn more about Mennel Flour, contact our sales team at 1-800-688-8151 Ext. 95273 or

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BRC Food Certificated Kosher