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2023 Mennel Recommended Wheat Cultivar List Now Available

April 5, 2023

As you may know, one of the most important decisions growers make is choosing the right variety or varieties to plant each year. Because of the many differences that exist among the varieties, it’s very important to assess what characteristics are most important, especially for the production area. Most growers choose several varieties to plant to help reduce risk as well as improve the chances of success every harvest season.

Mennel publishes a list of recommended wheat cultivars annually to assist our partners in this important decision-making process. This activity also helps align local wheat production with our flour milling needs.

“At Mennel, we understand how important high yielding wheat varieties are to its producers. We are also poignantly aware of the need for wheat varieties that deliver a high flour yield in our mills and produce quality products at the bakeries. It is this healthy tension between field yield and flour yield/bakery performance that results in the Mennel Preferred Variety List. We truly value the partnership with the producers and hope that this list will serve as a guide for the varieties they choose to plant this year." Dr. Scott Osborne, Vice President of Innovation, The Mennel Milling Company

To view Mennel's 2023 preferred wheat varieties, select the appropriate Mennel location below then click on the Recommended Wheat Cultivars button.


Alger, Ohio | Foraker Elevator

Bucyrus, Ohio | Mennel Milling Bucyrus

Fostoria, Ohio | Mennel Milling Fostoria

Nevada, Ohio | Nevada Grain

Radnor, Ohio | Radnor Grain

Upper Sandusky, Ohio | C&O Grain Farm Elevator

Wharton, Ohio | Wharton Grain


Atlanta, Ohio | Atlanta Grain

Jeffersonville, Ohio | Jeffersonville Grain

Kingston, Ohio | Valley Grain

Logan, Ohio | Mennel Milling Logan

Troy, Ohio | Troy Elevator


Dowagiac, Michigan | Mennel Milling Dowagiac


Dowagiac, Michigan | Mennel Milling Dowagiac

Mexico, Indiana | Mexico Elevator


Mt. Olive, Illinois | Mennel Milling Mt. Olive


Roanoke, Virginia | Mennel Milling Roanoke

West Point, Virginia | Old Dominion Grain


Newton, North Carolina | Mennel Milling & Bakery Mix Newton

Roanoke, Virginia | Mennel Milling Roanoke

West Point, Virginia | Old Dominion Grain